Align Adjacent Sections

This task shows you how to align adjacent sections which are out of alignment. Being out of alignment means the "up" direction of a run is not uniform - one or more sections have a different up direction than the others. You can tell that the up direction of a run is misaligned by looking at the set points. The colored portion of the set point boundary points toward the up direction of a run. In the image below the colored portion of the two set points is pointing toward different directions, showing that the up direction is not aligned.

1. To align the sections, bring up the Definition dialog box for the run.
2. Right click on the section half closest to the misaligned joint. If more than one joint is misaligned right click on a section half closest to one of the end joints. A drop down menu will appear.
3. Click on Align adjacent sections in the drop down menu. All sections will align beginning at the joint closest to the section handle you selected. Sections will align in one direction only. If there are other misaligned sections in the run then you may have to repeat the process. In the image below the misalignment has been corrected.

The image below shows what a round routable will look like if adjacent sections are not aligned.