Moving or Deleting a Node

This task shows you how to move the nodes on a path reservation, boundary, or run. In the example below a node will be moved in a pipe run.
1. Place your mouse pointer over the element and click the right mouse button.
2. From the menu that displays, select the element you want to modify, in this case pipe run.1 object,  and select the Definition option. This will bring up the Definition dialog box. Symbols are displayed on the pipe run to show the location of nodes: asterisks represent non-connected nodes, and Os (circles) represent connected nodes.

3. To move a node by entering coordinates, do one of the following:
  • Right-click the node symbol  and select Definition from the pop-up menu.
    The Node Definition dialog box displays.

  • Key in new values for X, Y, or Z.

  • Click OK in the Node Definition dialog box.


Bring up the (run) Definition dialog box and click the Node Edit Table button to display the Node Edit Table and make changes to values in the table.

4. To move the node using the cursor, place the cursor over the node symbol and drag it to a new location. See below.
A line is displayed to show the new location for the segment.

5. Click OK in the Definition dialog box to complete the change.
A node will move parallel to the compass base plane, which is normally XY. To move a node vertical to the base, change the compass base to the XZ plane.
6. To move a node parallel to the compass Z axis.
  • Bring up the Definition box for the routable.
  • Place the compass on a 3-D object where it can be manipulated. Change the Z axis to the desired direction.
  • Click on the square around the node and move it with the mouse button depressed. It will only move parallel to the compass Z axis. If you click on the node itself you will be able to move it in any direction.
7. To move a node of a routable to the origin of the compass. This allows you to move the compass to a specific point on a routable or resource, and then move the node to it. To do this:
  • Bring up the Definition box for the routable which has the node you want to move.
  • Move the compass to the point where you want the node to move.
  • Bring up the Definition box for the node that will be moved.
  • Click the Compass Origin button . The node will move to the compass base, as shown in the image.

8. To delete a node right-click on the node and select Delete Node from the pop-up menu that displays.