Managing Local Slack

This task shows you how to manage local slack.  When you manage local slack, you adjust the slack of a segment of a flexible tube, conduit or waveguide.

In the following scenario a flexible tube has been routed on a design element - a plate in this case. The first segment (on the left) has little or no slack in it. This exercise shows you how to add more slack to it. The exercise will also show how to remove all slack.

1. With your document open, select the flexible route and click the Manage Local Slack button . The Local Slack Management dialog box opens and the flexible tube highlights red. Also, labels display on the tube showing the amount of slack added to the segments. In the image below, they show that no slack has been added to any of the segments.

2. To manage the slack of a given segment, select the label of the segment you want to adjust. The dialog box displays the length of the segment in the Slack Definition field. The Minimum Length field displays the minimum length needed to bridge the distance between the two end points of the segment.

3. To increase slack in a segment, enter a value in the Slack Definition field and click the Add Slack Between Two Points button . Click Apply or OK and slack will be added to the segments, as shown in the image below.

The Reset button allows you to restore the original value of the Slack Definition field. You can use it even after you have saved and closed the document.

To make the segment straight, click the Ignore Slack Between Two Points button and click Apply or OK. The segment will become straight.
5. Click Apply if you have more segments to adjust; or click OK to apply your changes and close the Local Slack Management box.