Auto-route Between Equipment

This task shows you how to auto-route a run between two pieces of equipment or two connectors.  
1. Make the appropriate element (area, system or line) active by double-clicking in the specifications tree.
2. Place the two pieces of equipment you want to connect on your area.
3. Click on the Route a Run button and enter parameters in the dialog box that displays.
4. Move the cursor to the first equipment - an arrow displays at the connector point. If the equipment has more than one connector point the arrow will display at different points as you move your cursor.

5. Click to select the starting point of the run.
6. Move the cursor to the second equipment, where the arrow will also display, and click to select the ending point of the run. The run is created over the shortest possible path.
7. Press the shift key to see other possible routes for the run between the two objects.