Modifying a Hole

This task shows you how to modify a hole that has been placed on a part.


With your document open, select the hole you want to modify in the document or in the specifications tree.

Click the Edit Part Parameters button .  The Manage Override Parameters dialog box opens.

For rectangular parts, i.e. ducts, the hole is placed on the Side: Top, Bottom, Left or Right. When placing a hole on round parts such as tubes, pipes or round ducts the hole placement surface parameter is the Orientation Angle.

Tangent Angle is used only with holes placed on round parts. Set this to change the tangent of the connector for subsequent routing. When set to zero, the tangent angle will be the same as the orientation angle.

The Inset is the origin of the hole. Making this a positive value, say 1 inch, 'insets' the origin of the hole into the part 1 inch below the surface. A negative value will raise the origin of the hole above the part surface. This is parameter used for both round and rectangular parts. (After 'insetting' the hole in the part you will not be able to select it in the 3D viewer. Click the Edit Part Parameters button and select the hole from the specifications tree.)

Center Offset is used when placing a hole on a rectangular part. Set this value to adjust the side-to-side location of the hole.

For rectangular hole parts the hole size is modified using the Height and Width parameters.


Make the necessary changes to the parameters and click Apply to see the effect.


Click OK when finished.  The hole is modified.