Enabling Polyline Feature

This task shows you how to enable the "polyline" feature for bendable parts that is being made available with Release 15.
Only heavy bendable parts have this feature. You should note that after you enable this feature, your existing heavy bendables will convert to using a polyline to define the rib next next time you modify the part, and all new heavy bendables you create will have it. To see if a heavy part has converted to the polyline feature, expand it in the specifications tree. The ribs of older bendables consist of points, lines, arcs. Those with the polyline feature consist of the polyline and points.


1. Enabling this feature provides several benefits not available with the older version of bendables. These changes are particularly useful when you use a 3-D document to create a corresponding 2-D version.
  • If you add dimensions to a drawing, and then modify the 3-D document, the dimensions will update in the drawing. Previously they did not retain association with the rib of the bendable.
  • You can add mechanical features to the rib, such as endstyles and intersections, and they will be retained.

2. To enable this feature change the value of the Location field for the resource BendablePolyLine in the Project Resource Management file. A value of 1 means it is enabled, 0 means it is disabled. By default this feature is disabled. You must make this change in the PRM file at application level, for each application in which you want it.
3. Note: Users should not modify the polyline of a bendable by adding or deleting points, nor should they import other points.

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