Modifying the Mapping Table

This task shows you how to modify the mapping table.
In V4 Tubing Design, the only information available for each part was the detail name. In V5, on the other hand, each part has to have a lot more information, such as function, part type, part number, etc. Without this type of information a part cannot be used correctly. That is why it is necessary to enter this type of information in the mapping table for each part that you migrate from V4 to V5.


The sample mapping table is located in the following directory:


The mapping table for this application is named V4toV5TubingMapping.xls. The table you should modify is an Excel file and looks something like this:

2. You need to enter the V4 detail name in column 1, followed by a V5 function and a V5 part type. The last column is the V5 part name (or number) and it is recommended that for the sake of convenience you use the same name used in V4. Save the file as an Excel file after you make your changes.
3. You now need to save the same file as a CSV (comma delimited) file, because it is the csv file that this application actually uses. Excel allows you to save the file with a .csv extension - use the same file name and save it in the same directory.
4. A list of V5 functions and part types is given below for you to select from. You must enter the function or type exactly as given below, without the semi-colon. You can also create your own functions and types, using procedures described elsewhere in this manual.

FUNCTIONS: TubingBranchFunc; TubingReducerFunc; TubingContrlValveFunc; TubingBlockValveFunc; TubingCheckValveFunc; TubingIsolatValveFunc; TubingReliefValveFunc; TubingSafetyValveFunc; TubingThrotValveFunc; TubingAdaptorFunc; TubingDrainFunc; TubingExpanderFunc; TubingFilterFunc; TubingTerminatorFunc; TubingVentFunc; TubingTubeFunc.

PART TYPES: TubingAdaptor; TubingCross; TubingTee; TubingNonReduceElbow; TubingReduceElbow; TubingStraightTube; TubingBendableTube; TubingCurvedTube; TubingNut; TubingBNutSleeve; TubingBushing; TubingCoupling; TubingCap; TubingPlug; TubingNipple; TubingUnionTube; TubingUnion; TubingCncntricReducer; TubingGlange; TubingSealingPart; TubingGasket; TubingRing; TubingCheckValve; TubingControlValve; TubingSafetyValve.