Releasing a Part

When a Part is ready to be moved to production, choose the Release option in order to place it in the Released vault. This is generally done when a supervisor releases a stage of development of the document. The Part is then assigned the Released status. A Part can be released from the Checked In status or the Being Modified status.

Once a Part is placed in the Released vault, it can only be released as a new revision to ensure the safekeeping of this version of the document. The Part can be checked out as a New Release with a new revision number.

  1. Display the Part in CATIA.

  2. In CATIA, select SmarTeam >Lifecycle > Release.
    The Release window is then displayed.
    The fields in the Release window are the same as those in the Check In window.

  3. Fill in the fields.

  4. Click OK.
    The status of the document is automatically changed to Released in the State field.

Checking a Part Out of the Released Vault

To check a Part out of the Released vault, you must use the New Release option, as described in Checking Out a New Release. A new revision of the document is created and the previously released revision remains in the vault.