File Header

The file header data structure defines settings for data reading.
This part of data structure is mandatory.
Each part or subpart is included between a start tag <xxx> and a end tag <Endxxx>. These tags are mandatory.

Version: 5700
Mode: English
ModelPath: Absolute
DefineDirections: No
LengthUnit: Millimeter
ForceUnit: Newton

  Start tag of data structure. See File Footer.
  Version: xyzz
  Defines the application data structure version, where:
  • x is the version number.
  • y the release number.
  • zz the service pack number.
  Mode: English or French
  Defines the decimal separator for real number in this file:
  • A point "." for English.
  • A coma "," for French.
  ModelPath: Absolute or Relative
  Defines the path taken into account to read a component, see Path:
  • Absolute sets the component full path.
  • Relative sets the component path from the data file folder.
  LengthUnit: Millimeter
  Defines the data length unit, Millimeter only.
  ForceUnit: Newton
  Defines the data force unit, Newton only.