Modifying the Assembly

This task shows you how to modify the assembly, add a new component and modify the TasResources component.

  1. Select Edit  > Links...

  1. In the Links of document window, double-click Product2.1: the Product2 product document is opened in a new window.

  1. In the product document, right-click Product2 , select Components > Existing Component from the contextual menu and then select the PlateTwo.CATPart document.

  1. Close the Product2 product document. Note that it is not mandatory to save this document at this stage.

  1. Back to the Process document.

  1. Double-click the Plate Two part document in the Product List to swap to any Part document-based workbench.

  1. Copy the Support Points open body.

  1. Paste Special it in the TasResources part with the As specified in Part document option, in the Resources List.

  1. Right-click the copy and select the Hide/Show command from the contextual menu.

  1. Double-click Process in the Process List to return to the Tolerance Analysis of Deformable Assembly workbench.