Offsetting a Mesh

task target This task shows how to offset a mesh and create a watertight mesh.
  • The offset is computed in the direction of the weighted normals of the points.
  • This action can be used only for thin offsets.
aprereq.gif (1231 bytes) Open the Offset1.CATPart model from the samples directory.
  1. Click Offset . The Offset Mesh dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select the mesh. 

  3. Type an Offset value.
    The offset mesh is displayed, together with a green vector representing the offset.
    The direction of the offset is given by the sign of the value.

  4. Select the Create shell check box to create a watertight offset:
    Create shell
    is not selected

    Create Shell
    is selected

  5. Click Apply to check or update the result.

  6. Then click OK to confirm the result and exit the action.
    The element Mesh Offset.x is created in the specification tree.

end of task