General Design Toolbar

The General Design Toolbar contains the following buttons:

 Align Side: See Aligning Elements
Align Center: See Aligning Elements
  Rotate to Align: See Aligning Elements
  Distribute: See Distributing Elements
Align Two Planes: See Aligning Elements
  Quick Translate: See Using Quick Translate to Move Objects
 Snap: See Snap Resources Together
 Snap Three Points: See Quick Snap Resources
 Snap Center of Polygon: See Quick Snap Resources
Snap Surface: See Quick Snap Resources
 Attach: See Create Parent-Child Relationship
 Mirror: See Mirroring Elements
Mirror and Copy: See Mirroring Elements
 Transfer Elements in the Tree: See Rearranging Elements in the Specification Tree.
 Manage Connectors: See Creating and Modifying Connectors
 Hide Attachment:
 Show Attachment: