The Version 5 Systems Routing product enables you to design all production systems routing within a plant.  The main focus of the product is to provide capabilities for preliminary routing of production systems, but capabilities are also provided to evolve the preliminary routing to the detailed production routing of the plant.  All of this is accomplished through a very simple and highly intuitive interface which combines traditional 2D layout paradigms with the 3D capabilities to allow you to build a full 3D digital representation of the production routing within a plant.

The Systems Routing product supports all routing disciplines, including conveyor, ductwork, raceway, piping, and tubing. In conjunction with other digital plant design related products, such as Version 5 Plant Layout, Systems Routing can be used to provide complete plant layout capabilities.  These products, together with the complete Version 5 product portfolio, provide the complete ability to design and optimize plant layout.

The Systems Routing User's Guide has been designed to show you how to create production routing systems within a plant. Based on design factors and differing industries and domains, different design approaches may be undertaken. This book provides an overview of the product and illustrates specific design procedures to aid your system routing efforts.

Using This Guide