Creating a Catalog

atarget.gif (1372 bytes) This task explains how to create a catalog. The Catalog facility is a standard facility provided with the V5 Product line.  For detailed information regarding Catalogs, please see the Infrastructure documentation - Advanced Tasks - Using Catalogs.  Information that is particular to this product is given here. To properly learn to create a catalog you must read the document referenced above.
ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) 1. Open the Catalog Editor by clicking on Start-Infrastructure-Catalog Editor. The Catalog Window opens with a basic catalog structure in the left column. Catalogs are created analogous to books, with the book being at the top level, chapters under it, and, if necessary, sub-chapters under them, and with pages at the lowest level. Each family contains references to one or more parts. 

The illustration below shows the Catalog Editor. The column to the left is where your chapters and families are displayed. The column to the right will display parts when you click on a family. 

If you click the Reference tab you will see the directory path to each part (the file). Clicking the Preview tab displays the part. Clicking the Keywords tab displays the keywords. To add a keyword double click on the family where you want to add it, click on the Add Keywords button , and add your information in the Keyword Definition dialog box that displays. See below on how to add values for keywords. Click here to see a list of keywords.

2. Rename the catalog and chapter and add as many chapters and families as you want to. You can add these later also. Save and close the window and reopen it to see your changes. To rename the chapter, right-click on it and bring up the Definition dialog box. To rename the book, save the catalog, at which time you can rename it.

3. Add a component to the page. Make the page active and click the Add component button to bring up the Description Definition dialog box. Click the Select document button, navigate to the the component document and select it. Click OK to end.

To add values for keywords click the Keywords values tab. A window will display all the keywords associated with that family. Select a keyword and enter the value in the Values field. Keywords and values are case sensitive and you must enter them accordingly.

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