Changing the Reference File for a Part

This task shows you how to change the reference file for a part.

When you place a part in a document, each part has a reference file associated with it. This file contains data about that part. To save disk space, the application normally uses one reference file for all similar parts - an elbow that has been placed nine times in a document will have one reference file for it. It also means that you cannot change the dimensions of one or more of those elbows. This function allows you to create a unique reference file for one or more parts, allowing you to assign unique parameters to them. Using this function you can:
  • Assign a unique reference file to a part.
  • Assign a part the unique reference file (and parameters) of another part.
1. With your document open, click the Change Part Reference button . The Change Reference dialog box will display.

2. If you have already selected a part a file name will display in the file name field; if not it will display when you select a part. If you want to change the file name make sure you have not already assigned it.
3. Click OK.
4. To assign an existing unique reference file to a part:

If one of the parts in your document already has a unique reference file you can assign it to other parts. Select the part or parts to which you want to assign a reference file; click the Select New Reference button in the Change Reference box; then select the part that has the unique reference file. You will see the file name change to the unique reference file name in the specifications tree.