Placing Cutouts

This task shows you how to place cutouts in the two plates just created.

You will first sketch the cutout contour. You can do so in a new geometrical set of the Part containing construction geometry.

1. Activate the Part containing the construction geometry to switch to the Wireframe and Surface Design workbench, and insert a new geometrical set (Insert -> Geometrical set).
  Don't forget to work without links when creating construction geometry.
  2. Click the Sketcher icon, then select the plane in which you want to sketch the contour.

The Sketcher workbench opens.

3. Using Sketcher tools, sketch the contour.
  4. Double-click the root product to return to the Structure Design workbench.
  5. Click the Cutout icon.

The Cutout dialog box opens.

  6. Select the two plates in which you want to place cutouts.
  7. Click the Contour field and select the contour you sketched, then a grid line in the Y direction to define the angle of the cutout.

Note: When you make a multi-selection of plates, the After Forming cutting mode only is available.

  8. Click OK in the Cutout dialog box to place the cutout.

Cutouts are visible in the geometry area.