Using Older Shapes and Plates in Release 11 Onwards

This task shows you how to convert and use in R11 and later releases, shapes and plates created in Structure Design V5 R10 and earlier.


Plates and shapes created in Structure Design until Release 10 cannot be used as they are in R11 because of modifications made to the architecture of the product. These modifications make the product more usable and allow many new details to be added. A simple tool has been developed to enable users to continue to use plates and shapes from documents created in R10 and earlier.
1. Open your R10 or earlier document.

2. Select the document or portion of it (you can select a portion by using a trap box). Click the Convert to New Plates and Shapes icon.

The Conversion dialog box displays. It will show the number of elements in the entire document if you selected the entire document, or a portion of it, if you selected a portion.

3. You can also click the Convert to New Plates and Shapes icon without first selecting a document or part of it, in which case you can select individual elements in your document.

The number of plates and shapes you select displays in the Conversion dialog box. In the example above the user has selected six.

4. The button next to the Objects To Convert field becomes available after you select one or more shapes and plates.  Click the button to display the Elements List dialog box. This box displays the plates and shapes you have selected. You can select one of the elements and remove it from the list or replace it with another element. To remove, select the element and click Remove. To replace, select the element, click Replace and select another plate or shape in your document.

5. Click OK in the Conversion dialog box to finish.

If the process was successful a message will inform you. If some plates and shapes could not be converted the Conversion Status dialog box will display the plates and shapes that could not be converted. If you had selected a plate or shape that had already been converted then it will display as "failed".