Quick Prerequisite Checklist

Server Side

Operating System
Windows 2000 Yes

Client Side

Operating System
AIX  Yes
Windows 2000 Yes



HTTP Server Prerequisites

Apache version 1.3.19 or later recommended.

Hardware and Software Prerequisites

Before starting the installation, refer to Detailed Installation Prerequisites to be sure you have all the hardware and software prerequisites.

File System Prerequisites

To perform all the following operations, the system administrator must have root authority.
The server must have a minimum of 512 Megabytes free disk space.

Database Prerequisites

An ENOVIA LCA database must already have been set up before starting the SPE installation.

WINDOWS/UNIX File Transfer Prerequisites

You need to install a mapping server Windows/UNIX (NFS type) to enable the data transfer from one platform to another.

Licensing Prerequisites

CATIA V5R16 must already have been installed on both client and server with:

  • DMU Space Analysis-P2 

  • KWE-product (To edit Knowledgeware rules, please also read Knowledgeware Rule-based Clash section in DMU Space Analysis User's Guide)

  • ENOVIA LCA File Introspection utility in standard mode

About Installation Default Path

The installation default destination is already proposed

By default it is: C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B17\intel_a  (under windows)
/usr/Dassault Systemes/B17/OS_a/ (under Unix)

where "OS_a" is:

  • aix_a

  • hpux_b

  • irix_a

  • solaris_a

We assume throughout this Installation guide, that you keep the default location.

Any way, it is strongly recommended to avoid blanks in the installation path. Therefore, feel free to change the default installation path. All you need to do is:

specify a folder of your choice in the Choose Destination Location dialog box, clicking the Browse...  button and navigate to select another folder and click OK.