Customizing Space Engineering Server Environment Manually

This task explains how to customize the SPE server environment if you decided to perform a manual installation.

 Logon as root.

We assume that you use the default installation folder proposed.
one variable declaration must be written within the same line.

  1. Add the following variables to the CATIA environment file (CATIA.V5R17.B17.txt):

    Enovia user name (for the SPE server user)


    ENOVIA V5 Vault localization:

    You need to recover this file from the ENOVIA UNIX server  and copy it in the Install_Path\intel_a\docs\java file name

    DMU Clash variables:

    the rule to be used for clash detection


    Spatial Index and CATIA Variable

    Directory where the tested cgr will be written
    (Note: this directory has to be created if it does not exist)
    This directory is shared by both the client and server.



    • The Space Engineering Server must take into account the 'mapping table' existing between PRCs and host machines where spatial indexes are located.

    • Each Host should have a running Spatial Index Server indexing the corresponding PRC.

    See example below: DMU_SPATIAL_INDEX_HOST=prc_Plane.1:Zeus;prc_Plane.2:Zeus;prc_Car.1:Knossos

    A PRC is an ENOVIA LCA product. DMU Space Engineering Assistant can check for interferences within a PRC.

  2. Run CATIA V5 when logged with the SPE user (Apache Service user) and set up the CATIA environment as you would do for any CATIA client (except the SPE settings, DO NOT CHECK THE AUTOCONNECT BOX!)

  3. Copy the nphSpaceEngCgi.bat file from:

    C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B17intel_a\code\command

    to C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B17\intel_a\code\bin

  4. Replace the content of nphSpaceEngCgi.bat file with the following, modify the string in green with the appropriate path (depending on your installation).


    @echo off

    set SPE_OUTPUT_PATH=E:\ServerOutput

    rem ----------- Set of dedicated Variables -----------------

    set CLASH_RESULTS_FILE=ClashResults.%REMOTE_ADDR%.txt



    rem ------------- End Dedicated Variables ------------------

    rem ------------- Clean ------------------


    rem ------------- End Clean ------------------

    rem ---------- We Call the Design Assistant ------------------

    C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B17\intel_a\code\bin\CATSpaceEngCgi.exe -env CATIA.V5Rn.B17 -direnv "CGI_environment_path" 1>"%STDOUT_OUTPUT%" 2>"%STDERR_OUTPUT%"

    rem ----------------------------------------------------------

    rem ---------- We put in stdout of Apache the Http Response --


    rem ---------------- OK Response returned --------------------



    CATIA.V5R7.B17.txt is the default environment file created during CATIA installation

    CGI_environment_path is the complete path to the directory containing the CATIA.V5Rn.B16 environment file.

    E:\ServerOutput corresponds to the CGI outputs directory (you should create it if not existing)

    The Apache user should have read/write access to this directory.

    The @echo off must not be modified (switching @echo off to @echo on disables the SPE server).