Extracting Drawings
from the Sheet Metal Part

This task shows how to create the sheet metal part views in the Generative Drafting workbench.

aprereq.gif (1223 bytes)

The sheet metal part is displayed.

  1. Click I_NewP2.gif (233 bytes) or select File -> New...

  2. Select the Drawing type and click OK.

The Generative Drafting workbench is launched. The New Drawing dialog box opens.

  1. Click OK.

For more information about this workbench, refer to Generative Drafting User's Guide.

  1. The drawing sheet appears.

  2. Tile the windows horizontally using the Window -> Tile Horizontally menu item.

  3. Select the Unfolded View icon in the Projections toolbar from Generative Drafting Workbench.

ainfo.gif (980 bytes)

This icon is added to the Projections toolbar provided the Sheet Metal workbench is present.

  1. Choose the xy plane in the Sheet Metal specification tree. The unfolded view is previewed.

  1. Click in the drawing to validate and generate the view, with the bend axes and bend limits when applicable.