Redefining Swept Wall Limits

This task explains how to redefine the spine's limits when creating any type of swept walls, using existing geometric elements: points lying on the spine or intersecting planes.

Open the SweptWall01.CATPart document.

  1. Select the Flange icon .

The Flange Definition dialog box opens.

  1. Using the combo list, choose the Relimited type.

The Flange Definition dialog box is updated and now displays two Limit fields.


  1. Select the spine.
    Here we select a single edge. See also Selecting the Spine.


  1. Successively select the two limiting elements.
    Here we select a point lying on the spine as the first selecting element, and a plane intersecting the spine as the second limiting element.


ainfo.gif (980 bytes)

Make sure intersecting elements are normal to the spine, and they intersect it only once.

  1. Specify the swept wall values.
    In the example of the flange you set the Radius, Length and Angle values. You may also click More >> to display further options. See Creating a Flange.

  1. Click OK.

The swept wall is created within the limits on the spine.

aendtask.gif (1477 bytes)