Checking Bend Radius

This task shows how check the bends of a sheet metal part, i.e. to detect the bends that do not use the default bend radius parameter value, thus allowing the production teams to choose the correct tools to process the part.

Open the BendRadius01.CATPart document from the samples directory.

  1. Double-click the Sheet Metal Parameters from the specification tree.

From the Sheet Metal Parameters dialog box, you can see that the standard bend radius for the current document is 4mm.

  1. Click Cancel in the Sheet Metal Parameters dialog box.

  2. Click the Check Bend Radius icon .

The bends whose radius value is different than the standard value as defined in the Sheet Metal Parameters dialog box, Parameters tab, are highlighted.

Furthermore, a list of these bends is displayed in a dialog box.

  1. Click OK.

If you display the Sheet Metal Parameters dialog box and that a bend differ from the set value, clicking OK will automatically highlight the bend involved and display the Bend Radius Check dialog box.