Rules for Computation

This section explains:
  • The rule applied to a pillar to assign its location to a given Functional Volume.
  • How the confusion rule is applied to SFD objects. Confusion means when an SFD object (plate or stiffener) is on the edge surface of a Functional Volume. It is difficult for Planning Break Preparation to determine which Functional Volume the object should be included in.




Confusion Rules

Resolution of Confusion Scenario for Plates
For plates, Planning Break Preparation is supposed to use the Molded Convention to resolve a confusion scenario.
If, the Molded Convention points toward the Functional Volume, then Planning Break Preparation includes the plate in that Functional Volume.
If, the Molded Convention can not be found, then the plate is included in the first Functional Volume that Planning Break Preparation processes.
Resolution of Confusion Scenario for Stiffeners
For stiffeners, the plate is always processed first by Planning Break Preparation. So, a stiffener that is involved in a confusion scenario is included in a Functional Volume only if its plate was included in that Functional Volume.

  2. In this scenario, because of the Molded Convention direction, the plate is included in Functional Volumes A, B, c, d (not e or f, because they are in the opposite direction). But, the stiffener can not be included in all four Functional Volumes A, B, c, d. Because of a location that involves a confusion mode between 4 Functional Volumes, the stiffener can only be included in either A and c, or B and d. Planning Break Preparation assigns to the couple A and c or B and d the stiffener, based on the first processed, first served rule.



Pillar Rule

In order to assign a pillar in a Functional Volume, the system computes the coordinates of it extremities and take the highest position along Z. Then, this location is used to test the inclusion in a given Functional Volume. Then, the pillar is assigned to the Functional Volume that validates the test of inclusion.

The pillar is assigned in Functional Volume B.