Lofting, Offsetting and Intersecting

This task shows you how to create a multi-sections and an offset surfaces as well as an intersection.

  1. Click Multi-sections Surface .

    The Multi-sections Surface Definition dialog box appears.
  1. Select the two section curves.

  2. Click within the Guides window then select the two guide curves.

  3. Click OK to create the multi-sections surface.

  4. Click Offset .

  5. Select the multi-sections surface.

  6. Enter an offset value of 2mm.

    The offset surface is displayed normal to the multi-sections surface.
  7. Click OK to create the offset surface.

  8. Click Intersection .

    The Intersection dialog box appears.
  9. Select the offset surface then the first plane (Plane.2) to create the intersection between these two elements.

  10. Click OK in the dialog box.

    The created elements are added to the specification tree: