Reshaping Corners

Sometimes, when filleting, you can see that corners resulting from the operation are not satisfactory. This capability lets you quickly reshape these corners.

Open the BlendCorner1.CATPart document.

  1. Click Edge Fillet and fillet the edges as shown using 5mm as the radius value.

    This option is available through Variable Fillet too.
    Be careful when selecting edges as the order of selection affects the final shape of the fillet. This explains why you may sometimes encounter error messages when filleting.
    To obtain the shape we need for our scenario, please select the edges counter-clockwise.
    Taking a closer look at the corner, you can notice that the edges need to be rounded again. 
  2. After launching the Edge Fillet Definition dialog box to edit the fillet, click More>> to access additional options.

  3. Click Blend corner(s) to detect the corner to reshape. In our example, only one corner is detected. The application shows it in the geometry area (3D text).

    When the application detects several corners, it is not possible to reshape just a few of them: all of them will be edited.
    The Setback distance field determines for each edge a free area measured from the vertex along the edge. In this area, the system adds material so as to improve the corner shape.
  4. Enter a value in the Setback distance field. For example, 13.

  5. Click Preview to examine the result:

    To edit the distance for the top edge, click 13 and enter 22 as the new value in the Setback distance field.
  6. Repeat the operation for the edge below using the same distance value.

  7. Click OK to confirm the operation. The corner is reshaped.


More About Setback Distances

  When setting a setback distance value, note the following restrictions:
  • The setback distance value must not exceed the length of the corresponding concurrent edge. Consequently, the application does not take into account edges following the concurrent edge.
  • After modifying (i.e. adding or removing) edges used in a fillet definition, the defined blend corners are lost. Consequently, you need to re-specify the corners and the setback distances for each corner.