Using Hybrid Parts

This task shows how to create a hybrid part comprising wireframe, surface and solid geometry.

You must have access to the Part Design product.
Open the Hybrid1.CATPart document.
  1. In the Generative Shape Design workbench, click Line then create construction point-point lines between the opposite vertices of the two pads.

    These lines are created in a geometrical set.
  2. Click Multi-sections Surface and create a multi-sections surface between the curved edges of the two pads.

  3. Create another multi-sections surface between the bottom edges of the two pads.

  4. Click Sweep and create a swept surface between two opposite vertical edges of the two pads.

  5. Create another swept surface on the other side of the side of the two pads.

  6. Click Join then select the four surfaces to create a single joined surface.

  7. Open the Part Design workbench and click Close Surface .

  8. Select the joined surface in order to close it.

    The model and specification is updated with the Close Surface feature.
    For further information, refer to Creating Bodies (Hybrid Design) in Part Design User's Guide.