Interoperability with V4 Textures

About V4 Textures:

Before you start converting V4 2D textures into a V5 material, be aware that you might not be able to see the V4 texture in the V4 template, even though it is present in the .model. This is the case when:

In both cases, though not visible, the V4 texture exists and can be converted to a V5 material as described below.

This functionality is also available for Real Time Rendering 1 users (P2 only) but a V4 Integration license is required to copy a V4 texture.

This task shows you how to convert a V4 2D texture to a V5 material.
Open the texture2d_v4.model document.
  1. Double-click *MASTER to display the tree.

  2. Click the plus sign beside *IMDE1.

  3. Click on the name of the texture you want to copy. In our example, we copy V4 TEXTURE EARTH:

  4. Copy the texture by selecting Edit > Copy or by right-clicking and selecting Copy.

  5. Open a material library by selecting Start > Infrastructure > Material Library for a new library, and paste the new texture in the family on which you want to create a material based on it.

    A message warns you that no image is associated to the texture (identified by a broken link symbol) and that you have to edit the material properties in order to solve this.

    Note that you can paste the texture in a part as well
    When you double-click on the applied texture:
    • if you are working with UNIX, the right path is immediately displayed. The texture is displayed in the dialog box
    • if you are working on Windows, a UNIX path is displayed and you must change it into a Windows path.
    In the example below, the path has been changed to reference an image entitled "EARTH001.gif" delivered in the samples folder: