Replacing one Material Library by another one

This task explains how to replace a material library with another material library. 
  • This functionality is relevant for linked materials only (applied to a CATProduct, a CATPart or a CATAnalysis document).
  • Only the documents open in your current session are impacted.
Open the Materials2.CATProduct document.
  The same material (Dirty Wall) has been applied onto each part instance:

  You can also see that the three materials have been applied with a link to the material library: these materials are identified by a white arrow in the specification tree: .
  1. Select Product2 in the specification tree.

  2. Select Edit > Links in the menu bar.

  3. Click Pointed documents tab.

  4. Select the material catalog to be replaced (in this case Catalog.CATMaterial) and click Replace. The Browse dialog box is displayed:

  5. Click File icon. The File Selection dialog box is displayed:

  6. Select MaterialReplace.CATMaterial in the samples folder.

  7. Click Open. The default material catalog has been replaced with the new one MaterialReplace.CATMaterial.
    The three Dirty Wall materials applied with a link are replaced with the Dirty Wall materials from the new material library (MaterialReplace.CATMaterial).
    The material library replacement is based on the material names. This means that if the new material library does not contain a material named Dirty Wall, the link is lost. In our case, Dirty wall exists, the mapping is automatically performed.

  8. Click OK to exit the Edit > Links functionality.