The Raceway and Conduit Design product provides customers with a complete set of tools to create, modify, analyze and manage physical designs of raceway and conduit systems using industry standard conventions, terminology, and practices. While packaged as a single product the two disciplines, Raceway Design and Conduit Design operate independently within their respective workbenches.  The tools are focused on creating an intelligent layout that captures the design intent.   

Intelligent raceway and conduit design allows users to create and validate their designs more productively and, in addition, reuse the captured intelligence for downstream design processes.

The product supports the definition of raceway and conduit configurations. This involves general layout tools for intelligent routing,  placement of parts, and automatic placement of components. A full set of routing and parts placement methods allows users to choose the one that is right for a given situation. Specification driven design is available to ensure compliance with the project standard. This product is integrated with the Electrical Cableway Routing product, allowing the user the utility of analyzing a physical network of cables from one electrical equipment to another.

In addition, full capabilities are provided to quickly query design information and generate the appropriate report information. These design tools are provided via a highly intuitive and productive interface that allows the user to create, modify, and manage designs quickly.

The product includes comprehensive and flexible setup functions that provide a precise method of defining project standards and catalogs that get the users into production quickly. This product comes with a starter raceway and conduit parts catalog based on the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).

Together with other products, Raceway and Conduit Design provides users the power to manage their systems from initial design to ship or plant operations in a completely flexible way.


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