Modifying the Part Type

This task shows you how to modify a part type.
You can only modify the type of a part that does not already have a type assigned to it. This means that the part has to be newly created, or it should be an existing part that has no type (such as CATParts from products like Systems Routing).


Click the Modify Product Sub-Type button . The Modify Product Sub-Type dialog box displays.

2. Click the Open Existing Part button next to the Symbol Name field and navigate to the part you want to modify. Click Open on the File Selection dialog box and the file will display in the Symbol name field.
3. Click the Display Class Browser button next to the Component Type field. The Class Browser will display.
4. Expand the catalog and select the part type that you want to assign to the part. Click OK. The type will be assigned.
5. Click Apply and OK on the Modify Product Sub-Type dialog box to end.