Merging Line IDs

This task shows you how to merge the members of one line ID into another line ID
The following scenario features the Conduit Design product.  Raceway Design is identical except for the icons (buttons) and line IDs which are unique to each product.
1. With your document open, click the Merge Line IDs button . The Merge Line IDs dialog box displays showing all the line IDs contained in your document.

2. Select the line ID you want to merge. All members that belong to that line ID will be selected. The lower field will display the line IDs to which it can be merged.

3. Select the line ID you want to merge with and click OK. All members of the first line ID will merge into the line ID you selected, and the first line ID will be deleted.
You cannot merge incompatible line IDs. Also, members of a line ID that is merged into another will assume the properties of the line ID into which they were merged.