Selecting a Line ID or its Members

This task shows you how to select a line ID or its members.

You can edit the properties of line IDs or their members after selecting them.

The following scenario features the Conduit Design product.  Raceway Design is identical except for the icons (buttons) and line IDs which are unique to each product.

1. Click the Select/Query Line ID button. The Select/Query Line ID dialog box displays.
2. Use the Sort and Filter options if you need to. Under Filter, select the Local option if you only want to filter line IDs in the document. Select All if you want to filter all line IDs available to you.
3. If you are selecting members then select Line ID Members under Selection Type. If you want to select a line ID then select Line ID.
4. Click to select a line ID in the Line ID list or click on one of the members. Either the line ID or the members will be selected, depending on the selection you made in Step 2.