Starting the Quick Surface Reconstruction Workbench

The first task will show you how to enter the Quick Surface Reconstruction  workbench and open data.
The only pre-requisites for this task is to have a current session running.
  1. Select Start> Shape> Quick Surface Reconstruction.

  2. The Part name dialog box may appear depending on the way you customized your session.
    It provides

    • a field for typing the name you wish to assign to the part,

    • an check box that enables hybrid design

    • and another one that inserts a geometrical set in the part to be created.

    For more information, refer to the Part Document chapter in Customizing section of the
    Part Design documentation

    Click OK. The Quick Surface Reconstruction  workbench is displayed and ready to use.

  3. Click Open or select File > Open... . The following dialog box appears: 

  4. In the File Selection box, select the file location.
    Open the GettingStarted01.CATPart from the samples directory.

For more information, see Creating, Opening and Saving Documents  in the Infrastructure User's Guide.

If you wish to use the whole screen space for the geometry, unselect  Specification in the View menu.