Inserting CATPart or CATProduct Documents From a Catalog

This task shows you how to copy CATPart or CATProduct documents from a catalog into an existing assembly.
Open the ManagingComponents01.CATProduct document.
  1. Open a catalog, for example the ALL FASTENERS.catalog that you created in the scenario "Creating a Catalog" in CATIA - Component Catalog Editor User's Guide.

  2. Double-click the main chapter, All FASTENERS if the entities of this chapter do not appear in the left-hand part of the catalog navigator.

  3. Find the chapter containing the entity you want to copy into the assembly.

  4. Double-click on this chapter, SCREWS for example. The following results appear in the right part of the dialog box :

    The entities contained in the selected chapter appear in the form of a table on the right side of the navigator:
Two default icons are used:
  • the folder icon identifies a chapter,
  • the sheet + arrow icon   identifies a family in another catalog.
  1. Click the Preview tab to visualize the listed entities:

  2. You can open an entity in either the Reference or Preview tab by clicking the contextual command: Open document. If you want you can now edit the entity just like any other V5 document.


To narrow the selection criteria using the keywords you originally chose see "Querying a Catalog" in CATIA - Component Catalog Editor User's Guide.
  1. Click on the entity you wish to copy and either click the Copy icon or select the Edit > Copy command.

  2. Select the appropriate target i.e. the main product item or any CATProduct document in the specification tree and retrieve the entity from the clipboard by clicking the Paste icon or selecting the Edit > Paste command.