Assign a Tool

task target This task shows you how to assign another tool to an operation.
scenario 1. Double-click the Profile Contouring operation in the program, then in the Tooling tab page , select the Tool tab .
2. Enter a name of the new tool (for example, 16mm Flat Milling Tool).

3. Double-click D (nominal diameter) in the sensitive icon, then enter 16mm in the Edit Parameter dialog box. The tool icon is updated to take the new value into account.
4. Double-click Rc (corner radius) in the icon, then enter 0mm in the Edit Parameter dialog box.
Set db (body diameter) to 24mm in the same way.
The Tool number is set to 2.
5. Click OK to accept the new tool.
The program is automatically updated.

You can modify the tools of the other operations in the same way. For example, you may want to replace the End Mill by a Drill in the Drilling operation.

end of task