Create a Drilling Operation

task target This task shows you how to insert a drilling operation in the program.
scenario 1. Select Drilling .

The Drilling dialog box appears directly at the Geometry page .

The program is updated to include a Drilling operation.

The Drilling dialog box appears.

2. Select the red hole depth representation in the sensitive icon. 

The Pattern Selection dialog box appears to help you specify the pattern of holes to be machined. 

3. Select the cylindrical feature of the first hole.
4. Select the second hole feature, then double click to end hole selection.

The Drilling dialog box replaces the Pattern Selection dialog box.

The icon is updated with geometric information about the first selected hole of the pattern.

5. Double click Jump distance in the sensitive icon, then enter a value of 5mm in the Edit Parameter dialog box. 
  6. Click Preview in the dialog box to request that the program verifies the compatibility of the selected tool, geometry and machining parameters. A message box appears giving feedback about this verification.
7. Click Replay to replay the operation as described previously.

Click OK to return to the Drilling dialog box.

8. Click OK to create the Drilling operation in the program. 

end of task