Create a Profile Contouring Operation

task target This task shows you how to insert a profile contouring operation in the program.
aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) Make sure that the pocketing operation is the current entity in the program.
scenario 1. Select Profile Contouring I_MfgProfileContouring.gif (963 bytes).
The Profile Contouring dialog box appears directly at the Geometry page .

Make sure the Contouring mode is set to Between Two Planes.

2. Click the Bottom: Hard text  in the sensitive icon to switch the type of bottom to Soft.
3. Click the Bottom plane then select the corresponding part geometry (that is, the underside of the part). 

The closed external contour of the bottom is proposed as Guide element for the operation. 


Make sure that the arrow on the Guide element is pointing away from the part.

4. Click the Top plane in the icon, then select the corresponding part geometry.
5.  Double click Offset on Contour in the icon. 

Set this value to 1mm in the Edit Parameter dialog box and click OK.

6. Select the Strategy tab page and set the parameters as shown. 


If needed, you can change the tool axis orientation. Just click the Tool Axis symbol then click the Reverse Direction button in the Tool Axis dialog box.

You can display the tool with the specified orientation by selecting the Display tool checkbox.

8. Click Preview in the dialog box to request that the program verifies the compatibility of the selected tool, geometry and machining parameters. A message box appears giving feedback about this verification.
9. Click Replay in the dialog box to visually check the operation's tool path.

At the end of the replay click OK to return to the Profile Contouring dialog box.

10. Click OK to create the operation.

end of task