Find Hole Design Features for Machining

task target This task shows how to locate circular edges in a selected face. These edges may be included in mirror transformations, for example. 

scenario 1. Select Drilling I_MfgDril.gif (895 bytes).

The Drilling dialog box appears directly at the Geometry tab page . This tab page includes a sensitive icon  to help you specify the hole geometry to be machined.

2. Right click the No Points field and select the Find Features Through Faces contextual menu.

The following dialog box appears. It allows you to globally define a range of diameters for edges to be searched.

The following tool bar also appears. It allows you to filter the search based on:

  • Design feature hole parameters 
  • Reference feature selection.

3. Select Define Feature Query and define the following query.

Click OK.

4. Select the face where the circular edges are to be searched.
  5. Select Choose Reference Feature , then select a reference feature.


6. Select Search Circular Edges to start the search. The circular edges of holes identical to the reference feature are selected and highlighted in the part.

7. Click OK in the tool bar to accept the selection. The No Points field in the Drilling dialog box is updated with the number of selected holes. You can then continue defining the machining operation to machine the selected holes.

end of task