Resource Properties for Objects

This task shows you how to stop the creation of resource properties every time you create an object.

Certain resource properties are created every time you create an object such as item reservation, area, run, etc. These properties cannot be changed or made use of by users of most of our products, such as Plant Layout. However, there are a few products lines that can make use of them. To view these resource properties:
  • Right click on an object in the specifications tree.
  • Select the Properties line.
  • Click on the More button in the Properties dialog box.
  • Click on the Resource tab when it displays. This will display the properties associated with the object.

Even if you cannot make use of these resource properties, their creation causes no problems. However, if you do not want the properties to be created then follow the steps below.

1. Click Tools - Options, select AEC Plant under Options and then the General tab.
2. Uncheck the line Automatic creation of resource attributes. Click OK.