Making a Catalog Accessible

This task explains how to specify the location of a catalog so that it can be accessed in order to place parts from it.
Some catalogs are provided with the application. These are located in the ..\intel_a\startup\components subdirectory.

1. Click Tools-Options, select General and then the Document tab. Select  Other folders in the window and click Configure.

2. In the Other Folders dialog box that appears, double-click on the drive where the catalogs you want are located. This will display all directories in the drive. Navigate to the directory that contains the catalog(s), select one or more, and click Add. All the catalogs you have selected will display in the lower window, as shown in the image below.

3. Click OK. This will save the search order. Now when you click the Place Object from Catalog button you will be able to select parts from the catalogs you defined.
To change the catalogs that are displayed when you click the Browser button (the search order), you can repeat the steps above and specify different catalogs. You can also use the Export function in the Other Folders box to save the location of other catalogs or groups of catalogs. This will enable you to open them by recalling the search order, rather than having to repeat the steps given above. To do this:
4. Bring up the Other Folders dialog box and navigate to the directory where the catalogs are located. Select the catalogs so that they appear in the lower window. Click Export. The Export Search Order dialog box will display.

5. Enter a file name and specify a location for the file. Click Save.
6. To recall the search order, click Import in the Other Folders dialog box and select the file that specifies the catalogs you want to open. Click OK. This will create a new search order and these catalogs will display when you click the Browser button.
7. Use the Import Add button to add a search order to an existing search order. For instance, if you have a search order open but you want to add to it catalogs defined in another search order, click Import Add, navigate to the directory where the saved file is, and select it. The catalogs in that file will be added to the search order that was open.