Save an Item Reservation in a Separate Document

This task shows you how to create an item reservation in a project and save it as a separate document.

This function is needed if you want to work on a component of a larger project. If you save the component as a separate document you can open it without having to open the entire project. At the same time it remains part of the larger project.
1. Make the parent area active.
2. Click the Item Reservation button and enter all the information you need to.
3. Check the option Create new document. This displays a field asking for a file name.

4. Enter a file name and create your item reservation.
5. When you save the document you will be asked if you want to save other documents. Click OK.
6. When you need to work on an item reservation that is saved in a separate document then use the File-Open function and navigate to the directory where you saved the document.
If you delete one of the item reservations in a project, then you must also delete the corresponding document from the directory where you saved it. Use the Windows Explorer function for this.