Generating a Footprint Report

This task shows you how to generate a report showing the following information about an area:
akeypt.gif (932 bytes) To accomplish this procedure, you must have installed Microsoft Excel 97 or later version. You should also be familiar with the file navigation and file editing capabilities of your system.
1. Copy the following files from \intel_a\code\command to a drive or directory for which you have read and write permissions:
2. Edit the PSLFootprint.CATScript using a text editor such as WordPad as follows:

Define the path for strGReportTemplate to point to the directory to which you copied the files in Step 1.

3. Save and close the file.
4. Start the application.
5. Select the area for which you want to run the footprint report.
6. From the menu bar, select Tools -> Macro -> Macros.
7. From the Macro In field, select External File.
8. Click the Select button, and use the Windows dialog box to navigate to the appropriate file.
9. Select the file PSLFootprint.CATScript.
10. Select Run.
The report is generated in a Microsoft Excel file, Excel is launched, and the report file is displayed, shown in the example below.

aendtask.gif (1477 bytes)