Changing the Properties of Multiple Elements

This task shows you how to change the properties of several elements at the same time. . . . .
ainfo.gif (980 bytes) The elements whose properties can be changed are: item reservation, space reservation, area, run reservation, path reservation and boundary reservation.

1. Select the elements whose properties you want to change. You can do this by placing the mouse pointer on each one and clicking the left button while holding down the Ctrl key. Another way is to hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse pointer. Place the rectangle that shows around the elements you want to select. There are other selection methods also. See Infrastructure.

2. Click Edit-Properties to bring up the Properties dialog box.

3. Make your changes and click OK or Apply.
ainfo.gif (980 bytes) You can also make changes to one of the elements instead of all. Click on the down arrow next to the Current Selection box. This will display a drop down list of all the elements you selected. Select the one you want to make changes to. You may need this if, for instance, you have two areas but want to change the properties of one area only.

aendtask.gif (1477 bytes)