The Ladder  

The scenario below illustrates the following generative script capabilities:
  • Multiple value parameters
  • Part design patterns
  • Knowledge advisor rules
  • Formulas using the ? operator.

To perform this scenario, you need the PktLadderSketch.CATPart sample which provides you with the necessary sketches.

  1. Select Knowledgeware > Product Knowledge Template from the Start menu.

  2. Click the icon. The Knowledgeware Script Editor is displayed.

  3. Use the File > Open command to open the PktLadder.CATGScript document, then click Generate. The Enter Inputs dialog box below is displayed.

  4. Click Select, then select the PktLadderSketch.CATPart sample in the file selection box. Click Apply. The H input is now highlighted. The H field displays a three value list.

  5. Select one of the values, 3500mm for example. Click Apply, then click OK. The document is generated.