Specifying a File Path (3 methods)

Method 1: Use the Insert File Path command from the contextual menu.

To do this, position the cursor where the file path is to be specified, then right-click and select Insert File Path from the contextual menu. In the dialog box which is displayed, select the appropriate path, then click Open. This insert the full path between quotation marks into your script.

Method 2: Define your linked document strategy.

Use the Link Document Localization command of the CATIA Tools>Options... menu to define your linked document strategy. Choosing an appropriate strategy allows you to specify only the short path of a document.
If the E:\www\samples  folder is specified in the 'Search Order' of the 'Other Folders' Configuration, you can write:
import "PktInitialSketch.CATPart" ;
instead of
import "E:\www\samples\PktInitialSketch.CATPart" ;

See to the CATIA Infrastructure User's Guide for how to use the Link Document Localization command.

Method 3: Use the Input : FilePath keyword.

Input : FilePath comment ;
displays a dialog box which prompts you to select a file path. The file path being selected, you must click Apply to enter the next input data or make the OK button active.