Message feature could not be updated

This message is displayed whenever the system does not find the required data to build the specified feature. 

In the PktPocketCalculator.CATGScript sample, replacing the WindowCurve and Fill2 definitions with the script below displays the message "Fill2 could not be updated".

WindowCurve isa GSMCurve
    Elements[1] = object : ..\WindowP1;
    Elements[2] = object : ..\WindowP2;
// Elements[3] = object : ..\WindowP3;
    Elements[4] = object : ..\WindowP4;
    Elements[5] = object : ..\WindowP1;

Fill2 isa GSMFill
    Boundary = object : ..\WindowCurve;

Fill2 cannot be created because one element of the list required  to defined the WindowCurve feature has been removed. WindowCurve is created but it is not a closed curve and it cannot be filled.

Features that "could not be generated" are displayed as invalid features in the specification tree. Editing an invalid feature can help you determine which data is missing. Another way to investigate consists in rebuilding interactively the feature that could not be built by the script.