Browse a V5 Manufacturing CATProcess

task target This task shows you how to browse a V5 Manufacturing CATProcess in the NC Manufacturing Review workbench.

No sample is delivered for this scenario: you can use any CATProcess similar to the one shown below.

scenario 1. Enter the NC Manufacturing Review workbench. Click File > Open to select a CATProcess that includes a Manufacturing Program with at least one machining operation.
2. Double click the machining operation in the tree. The operation's dialog box appears.

3. The properties of the operation are organized in tab pages as follows:
the parameters of the machining strategy, which are divided up into different tabs
the geometry to be machined 
the tool that is used in the operation
the feedrates and spindle speeds 
the macros (transition paths).
the PP word syntaxes (this tab is displayed for some operation types only).

You can browse and, under certain conditions, edit these properties. 

If the license of the application allowing creation /edition of the machining operation is available, the OK button is accessible: the machining operation can be modified.

Otherwise, the OK button is inactive: the machining operation cannot be modified.

The Tool Path Replay functionality is accessible:

  • if a tool path is present on the machining operation (computed status)
  • if no tool path but the license of the application allowing creation/edition of the machining operation is available.

Otherwise the Replay button is inactive (not accessible).

4. Just click Cancel to close the machining operation dialog box.

end of task