Technological Results

  Since R16, Technological Results are automatically created in Mold Tooling Design and supply technological information on the features included in a body. This information can then be reused by downstream applications (Manufacturing applications for instance) or downstream users.

For further information, please see the Part Design User's Guide.

  You can create Technological Results for features created before R16 as follows:


  1. Open a command prompt (MS-DOS) window.

  2. Change to the default folder in which you installed the product:

    The default folder is:

    C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\Bn\intel_a\code\bin

    (where n is the current release number)

  3. Enter the command:

    catstart -run CATMldGenerateTRForTooling.exe DocumentPath  

    (where DocumentPath is the full path of the documents you want to process)



  1. Change to the directory:


    (where n is the current release number)

  2. Run the command:

    ./catstart -run CATMldGenerateTRForTooling DocumentPath 

    (where DocumentPath is the full path of the documents you want to process)

The input is, a path or a list of path of assemblies for which the Technological Results need to be created.
The output is the assemblies upgraded with the technological result for all the tooling components and their holes,
and a report on possible errors that may occur.
The output document upgraded with the Technological Results is overwritten on the input document.
In order to be upgraded by the batch the input documents must have writing rights.