Inserting a Loose Core

This task shows you how to insert a loose core component on your own mold base. A loose core is seen as a User Component.
This is only a virtual example on how to proceed, you have to adapt it to your own cases.
  1. Click the Create a new mold icon .

  2. By default, the following dialog box is displayed.
    Change the Dimensions, Length to 296 mm, Width to 196 mm and the Ejector width to 102 mm:

  3. Hide the InjectionSide.

  4. Click the Add User Component icon .

  5. Select the Lifter.

  6. Pick EjectorPlateA.1. The sketcher is displayed. Pick a point near the undercut of your molded part. The loose core is visualized.

  7. Select CorePlate as the Drill To element. Check that the loose core direction is correct or push the Reverse Direction.

  8. You can use the manipulators to modify the position of the loose core.

  9. You can tune up the parameters in the Parameters Tab according to your needs.

  10. Click OK once you are satisfied with your settings. The loose core is created.