Creating a Runner


This task shows you how to create a runner on the molded part.
  1. Double-click MoldedPart in the specification tree.

  2. Click Sketcher and select the xy-plane in the specification tree.

  3. Click Project 3D Elements and select the gate that you just created (yellow square).
    This projects the gate into the xy plane, i.e. the sketcher plane.

  4. Sketch the runner path from the gate you have just created like this:

    The runner path is made of lines and arcs, that should be continuous in tangency.
    This sketch will be the guide (Layout) along which a profile (Section) is swept to create the runner .

  5. Click to exit the Sketcher and return to the product (double-click Product in the specification tree).

  6. Click Add Runner .

  7. The runner definition dialog box is displayed. Choose:

    • to stamp the runner in the core and in the cavity,
    • Round Type with a radius of 1,
    • the sketch you just created as the Layout.
  8. Click OK to create the runner.